The Original Phosphate Fuel

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What is STIM-O-STAM?

STIM-O-STAM® is a dietary supplement used as a phosphate fuel. It accelerates recovery, improves the maximum and resting heart rates and enhances work efficiency, while extending endurance. In adition, STIM-O-STAM® reduces lactic acid, increases VO2 Max, minimizes muscle soreness and inhibits muscle pulls and strains.



“. . . tonometric pressure aggregates required to produce a sensation of pain 24 hours after a standard exercise period amounted to 14.5 units . . . after one week of supplementation of diet with 1 gram of sodium phosphate per day was 27.8 units . . . the subjects reported spontaneously that they had felt less pain during the preceding 12 hours or so.”

– Ernst Jokyl, M.D.
Professor of Physiology,
University of Kentucky